P 71 Valise
1st Pattern Ammo Pouch
2nd Pattern Ammo Pouch
Expense Pouch (Ball Bag)
Mess Tin Cover
P 71 Valise
Officially adopted in 1870 the Pattern 1871 Valise equipment was designed for the new Martini Henry
Rifle. The basic set was composed of a waistbelt with clasp, set of braces, 2 ammo pouches, bayonet
frog, ball bag or expense pouch, set greatcoat or blanket straps and mess tin strap. The actual valise is
much like a backpack, and required two supporting straps to be carried. It was seldom actually worn,
usually transported on There were two patterns of ammo pouches, both holding 20 rounds. The first
pattern was of black leather and the second of buff.
The ball back or expense pouch was generally for reserve ammo.
When not in use both greatcoat and valise support straps were removed.

Additional equipment:
D shaped Mess tin, Pattern 1875 and cover
Greatcoat or blanket
Waterbottle, Italian Pattern 1874 w/carriage
Haversack, Pattern 1871