P 88 Valise
Ammo Pouch
Ammo Pouch
Basic set includes braces, waisbelt, 2, 50 round
P94 ammo pouches, bayonet frog. Does NOT
include waistbelt clasp, chapes or separate belt
loop. Additional mess tin strap available.
Colonel Slade and Major Wallace developed a new load bearing equipment set in 1888 designed for the new .303 metallic cartridge for Lee Metford. The Slade Wallace replaced the P82 valise, and
was the main pattern used in the South African War of 1899-1902. The set consists of a waistbelt with clasp, set of braces 2  ammo pouches,  bayonet frog,  and mess tin strap. The actual valise
was secured to the braces via two leather straps, usually attached to the valise.
Additional equipment:
D shaped mess tin and cover
Greatcoat or blanket
Haversack, Pattern 1888
Water-bottle and carrier
Spade and carrier