Snuff Box Collection
Tin can easily be opened
and used.
First pattern
Emergency Ration

Price:           40.00  
24th ROF Snuff Box
Light Infantry
Snuff Box
British Crown Coin
Snuff Boxes
Nat Sooy Replicas
During my 25 years of doing this thing of ours I have come across some very talented people in the reproduction of kit, etc. I am proud to announce  master
craftsman, Nat Sooy, has joined the ranks of the Regimental Quartermaster. Nat recently sent me a goodie box of samples of the various replicas he is currently
doing. I received 2 different packs of Martini Henry rounds, rolled and drawn, a Mk II  
.303 pack and a Boer War first pattern emergency ration tin. All are fantastic. The
accuracy and quality are unbelievable.
(Click on images for supersize)
The crate has a faux tin liner that in turn has a shelf with 18 faux
packs of ammo. The whole thing can be reloaded and resealed by
taking off the bottom of the crate. Ammo packs have wood blocks
in them or can be upgraded with resin ammo.
Included is the
brass keys and tin.
                  As seen $200.00 plus shipping.
Boer War Era .303 Ammo
Replica rolled Martini
Henry cases. Cast resin
and hand painted.

Price:            $5.00 each
              10 for $50.00
including free wrapper.
Queen Victoria General Service Button Trench Art Snuff Box
Boer War era Royal Highlanders Presentation Trench Art Snuff Box
Boer War era .303
watch chain
Replica rolled case.