Tinned Goods and Other Sundries
I have 3 sizes available: Soup can,  Pint can, and Quart can. The labels are permanently affixed, and I do my best resize the label to the appropriate size, and place them as straight as
possible. The cans and labels can be purchased for you to assemble with a steadier hand. Soup size is empty, and the lid is fixed to the can. Pint and quart sizes are much like a paint
can with removable lids. The lids can be on the top or bottom.
Many of the unique, smaller tins are available with contents very close to the originals.
There are several other unique items listed for purchase.
Soup Can Size:   Your pick 3 for $12.50
Pint Can Size:    Your pick 2 for $10.00
Quart Can Size:  Your pick each  $6.00
Check item description for miscellaneous items.
Any tin that contains contents is for display purposes only.
Pocket-sized tin with contents.
Pocket-sized tin with Vaseline.