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Ammo carrier vest for the Sudan as worn at Khartoum to resupply the magazine fed rifles.

I'm branching out to the early 20th century with clothing appropriate for the
Irish War for Independence, the Irish Civil War and post Great War

Tinned foods and other period replicas! Canned foods and rations, polishing tins and more coming soon!

Boer War Khaki Drill Frock

Great site on the P53 Enfield

Please check out Amazon Store for handpicked items you'll bound to enjoy.

Carry On Up The Nile!
Highland Pattern Grey Frocks are here!   Camel Corps Other Ranks Frocks!

Off the rack
Anglo-Zulu War Other Ranks frocks. Quick turn around time. Ordered by chest size.

Boer War Slouch Hat Badges

Some outstanding videos of live firing of period rifles, etc.

I have acquired a number of replica metal work for several Highland Regiments. Click here for more info.

Reprint of Regimental Manuals Available at:
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