I have participated in reenacting and living history for over 15 years concentrating originally on the Second World War with the 51st (Highland)
Division and more recently with Queen Victoria's Highlanders. I have also assisted San Diego based “Bydand Forever” in several of their shows at
various Scottish Highland festivals as an assistant loader for the Gatling gun and Krupp Mountain gun.

My main area of interest is the Black Watch throughout Queen Victoria's reign. I also custom load and shoot the Martini Henry and Long Lee
rifles. For the last several years I have attended the Charles Dickens Christmas Fair at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. This is a great event that
usually runs from Thanksgiving to Christmas on the weekends.

I was growing tired of ordering items from dealers and having the uniforms not fit and many times the wrong article sent. Everything I reproduce is
based on photographic evidence, patterns from republished original sources and original surviving examples in museums and private collections.
During my post as curator of the Kings County Museum I established valuable contacts with other museums around the world. I am currently a
Senior Researcher for the Fresno County Library in California.

Member of: the National Registry Of Living Historians
Living History Worldwide

Stan Dolan
Scarlet and Khaki
Changing of the Guard, The Citadel, Halifax,
Nova Scotia, 2006.
Glengarry and Badge Review from Brittishmuzzleloaders
By now, I hope that I have done my best to communicate to you all just how
special our trip to South Africa was. I would be remiss, however, if I did not
mention a certain individual who came through in relatively little time to aide
me in the lead in to the trip... Stan Dolan of the Regimental Quartermaster. He
assisted me to gain the necessary items that I required but did not have to
participate fully as a member of "A Company, 24th Foot". Amongst these was a
glengarry and badge appropriate for the 24th. Thank you Stan for such quick
help and timely delivery. It now awaits my next "mid-Victorian, line infantry"

"Stan is a top chap and recommended for those that side of the pond - in terms
of belt order - we went with that as they weren't in marching order at the time of
iSandlwana and were stood too - the easiest way to achieve that is to drop the
braces and leave the valise in the tents attached to the rest of the equipment.
(After the first stand to and breakfast the order was given to unbuckle the
equipment) As Rob says at Rorkes Drift it equally makes sense to be in belt
order - there is always room to argue what is right or wrong and that's the joy of
doing what we do - we went with what we went with - it gave a uniformity (and
kept within our baggage allowance limits too!)"
Atb - Tim Rose
The Diehards

Tinned Cans Review:
They are FANTASTIC I plan to order couple more, but this time if I can
actually bring myself to do it I would open them so they looked used! I had seen
in some cases the troops attached these to barbed wire at the front as an “alert”
Boer Victorian British Army Tinned Food Replica Eagle Brand Condensed Milk
Boer Victorian British Army Tinned  
Order status: Paid
Paid $29.00 with PAYPAL on Jul 26, 2018 04:06 PDT for items
Item ID: 273329048179

Dear Stan,
I just wanted to say thank you very much for my order of Boer War tunic,
trousers and water bottle. They all arrived safe and sound!
I must apologize profusely for not contacting you sooner, I have been stupidly
busy and I never seem to get five minutes spare these days!
The tunic fits perfectly and I am very impressed with the quality of construction.
The trousers are a little big around the waist and very long! However, better to
be too big than too small and the length is of no consequence when the puttees
are rolled!
The water bottle is also excellent.
It is great that you offer these unique items and I will recommend you to all who
I know will be very interested in your site.
Thank you once again and I look forward to buying from you again.
Best regards,

Very happy to report that my friend in South Africa has received the goods and
is simply delighted with them. Thanks so much for backing me up on this deal!
You're golden in my book.

Dear Stan:
The Valise arrived in today’s mail. All is well. It looks and feels great. Positive
feedback left for you on eBay. Thanks so much.
Regards, Arthur

Well Stan - all I can say is WOW!
The shirt is amazing, the size, the fit - did you come by my house and get a shirt
from my wardrobe?
LOL. A little uneven in colouration - but it adds a WD style to it, as I've seen
uniforms (originals) in Canada that demonstrate active wear and fading! That
Sudan sun will be a killer!
Now the pants are excellent - I think if I had gone down size they would be
good, but a little extra room is the non-tailored look for the enlisted!
I really must be the normal '44 chest' and '34 waist' !!!
Now a few questions you made all this yourself??
Amazing stuff - well means I have save more - the next is the 1882 leather gear -
can you tell me more about
again and if you need anyone as a reference let have my email address

Patrol jacket arrived and it is nothing short of absolutely outstanding! I have
never seen such attention to detail!  You may feel free to use this letter as a
recommendation anytime, anyplace! I'll send photo en situ soon  Thanks again
for a wonderful, professional job!
Richard ******
Brigadier General (CA) Retired

Re: Patrol Jacket.
Monday, October 31, 2011 2:03 PM
"Dave *********l" <d******@cox.net>
"stan dolan" <sales@regimental-quartermaster.com>
Jacket received Friday.  It looks great! Actually, I had been skeptical,
considering the price and quick service.  I could not be happier.  Check for $125
being sent to you for Overnight Shipping costs.  I received many compliments
on the jacket, and referred interested parties to your website.
Thanks again for the great service!
Dave *********

I received the patrol in the mail on Friday, and my fiancee brought it to
workshops with her on Saturday.
It's wonderful!  to be honest, it's far better than I was even expecting.  Your
braid work is magnificent, and the quality and craftsmanship is superb.
Hopefully my link to the toggle's vendor in the UK will be good source for you
in the future as well.
Several members of the Adventurers Club expressed interest in getting patrols
from you.  I noticed the mailing address that you are located in Fresno.  Would
it perhaps be possible to arrange a time for a fitting at some point, that way we
can make double sure that measurements are exactly right and that "unique"
body shapes are accounted for?
For my part, you receive 5 out of 5 stars!  Thank you so very much.  I look
forward to buying you that drink at fair this year.
Joe ******
"Via Ex Astris, quo Vindico"
66th Regiment of Foot, 1880, Afghanistan.
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