Slade Wallace
Colonel Slade and Major Wallace developed a new load bearing equipment set in 1888 designed for the new .303 metallic cartridge for Lee Metford. The Slade Wallace replaced the P82 valise, and
was the main pattern used in the South African War of 1899-1902. The set consists of a waistbelt with clasp, set of braces 2  ammo pouches,  bayonet frog,  and mess tin strap. The actual valise
was secured to the braces via two leather straps, usually attached to the valise.
Additional equipment:
D shaped mess tin and cover
Greatcoat or blanket
Haversack, Pattern 1888
Water-bottle and carrier
Spade and carrier
Northwest Frontier 1878-1902   The Sudan 1898   The Second Anglo Boer War 1899-1902

Khaki, originally used in India only, but now universal in foreign campaigns, is a canvas-like fabric, cool in summer and warm in winter. It is precisely the colour of
the dusty, yellow-brown veldt, and its name is derived from the Persian word for dust.  From
With the Flag to Pretoria
Other Ranks
The bandolier started to replace the Slade Wallace by 1900, allowing the carrying of more ammunition.
There were two basic styles, one made of leather and one of cotton webbing.
Trousers, KD
Mills-Orndorff. One hundred round, double rows, woven cotton with brass fixtures. Also
worn as a waistbelt. For the .303
Officer Frock. Khaki drill with stand and
fall collar, breast and thigh pockets, and
leather buttons. Buttoned cuffs.
Frock, KD, 1899
Additional photos
Collar   Rear
Frock, Khaki Serge
Original Frock
Trousers, Khaki