Other Ranks Frock
The Foreign Service khaki frock was cut with a loose fit, but there is much evidence that i was also worn tight much like the Home Service scarlet tunic. The early pattern frock was
made of a khaki drill, almost like denim, with a stand collar, five  Queen Victoria Crown General Service buttons, two breast pockets and brass belt ramps. A paper size tag was sewn to
the interior, and by the 2nd Boer War a interior pocket was added for a first aid pack or an iron ration. An identity tag was also sometimes sewn to the interior opposite the pocket on
the lower flaps.  Brass shoulder titles were fixed to the epaulets.
There was also a Highland, or Scottish Cut, version which allowed for the wearing of a sporran.
Highland Pattern Khaki Drill Frock. Distinctive
cut a way for sporran with scalloped twin
button pocket flaps. White metal QVC GS
buttons for a Volunteer Battalion.
Removable QVC GS buttons. Paper size label, ID card, and first aide
pocket included.
This issue has a stand and fall collar and pointed pocket
flaps. Brass QVC GS buttons.