Foreign Service Helmets By Nat Sooy
I All pith helmets are made with pride and made to order. Made from scratch using period material, nothing synthetic or plastic. All helmets come with
a leather liner made to your hat size and appropriate chin strap and brass hooks.

The foundation pith helmet P1871.
Available in white unbleached canvas
(ready for pipe clay or tea) White canvas
or Khaki. Plain 1inch band and cloth
edging. $150.00

The Classic look. Available in
Unbleached, White or Khaki canvas.
Comes with a color appropriate short
Pugaree and cloth edging.
For that “been in the field” look.
Available on any pattern helmet. Aged
and weathered. Add $15.00
Neck curtain, Plain, no
That far off service look, Extra long and
bulging pugaree. Available in
unbleached, White or Khaki with
corresponding color pugaree. $170.00

For the budget minded Officers, available in unbleached,
White or Khaki, short pugaree, leather brim, red silk
liner top and officer’s chinstrap. $190.00