Boer War Christmas tins being packaged for shipment to South Africa, circa 1900
Comes complete with QVC GS buttons,
and brass belt ramps.
Single hook at throat.
Camel Corps Other Ranks Frock
Guards, Light and Heavy Regiments
Each man received the following: a P82 Martini Henry 50 round bandolier, Martini Henry rifle, sword bayonet and scabbard, an Oliver pattern water bottle, and a haversack.
The uniform consisted of  a grey frock, yellow-ochre cord breeches, blue puttees, and boots. A white Foreign Service helmet with white pagri was issued although many Regiments dyed
their Foreign Service helmets with tea.  Belts and ammo pouches were of brown leather.
Some Regimental distinctions included the Guards and Heavies identifying each unit by sewing the initials of their Regiments on the right arm of their frocks. Red cloth taken from Home
Service tunics was used, some examples being RHG (Royal Horse Guards), 5GD (5th Dragoon Guards) or 1GG (1st Grenadier Guards. The number was sewn above the letters.