Officer's In Zululand
And Egypt
Boer War Christmas tins being packaged for shipment to South Africa, circa 1900
Ranks was sometimes work in metal on the
. Lack of epaulets indicates pre 1881
This frock is of Melton wool. A serge is also of
Foot. Green wrap around collar.
Rank of Major on sleeve
The Patrol Jacket was a favorite
with Officer's while in the field.
There were various patterns and
many times Regimental. The above
would be for most Line Infantry
Most Officer's in Zululand circa 1879 wore
either the Patrol Jacket or this "Indian"
Pattern frock. In general, frocks were of a
looser cut than Home Service or full dress
tunics. Metal collar badges, and
embroidered Regimental numerals on
epaulets. Rank is indicated by lace on the
Original Cavalry Officer's Rd Patrol